AKG Mini Headphones

I recently picked up a pair of these bad boys…. love them! They complement my recent purchase of the Google Nexus tablet too… making listening to music or watching a film an amazing experience. I really hate in-ear headphones, so the over-ear was the only option… so many choices, colours and brands to choose from… but the AKG’s are all class!

I researched the market and found that these were the most attractive purchase… it did help that they had just gone on sale and could be snapped up half price from ‘Richer Sounds’. For under £70, nothing else really compared.

The model I chose was the AKGK451 Mini Headphones….. they came with a case for storage / travel, extra jack, cable and collapse style earphones, which also makes it easy to cart in your pocket when you don’t want them around your neck. They are super comfy and padded and this particular model, unlike the model before it, also has a built-in microphone with volume control. Great when I need to take a call on my mobile in a busy or noisy environment. While technically they are not noise cancelling headphones, it has not caused any issues as the clarity is bang on.

Speaking of clarity, I tried a few other competitor models and found that the AKG’s actually had the best sounding bass and provided the most powerful sound overall. Also – they weigh nothing, feel great on and look great on… not overly bulky or tacky, just unassuming perfection!

If you do have long work commutes or tend to travel a lot for work or pleasure like me, then you would definitely appreciate these headphones. Being able to literally ‘tune out’ while on planes or on the road is proving to be bliss!

Checkout some of the reviews and specs here: http://www.richersounds.com/product/headphones/akg/k451/akg-k451

NOTE – these continue to come down in price and you can get them for as little as £50 – a bargain! Get in!


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