HostelBookers Survey: Why Women Travel Solo


A new survey created by social media collective, #WeGoSolo* founded by Mariellen Ward of Breathe Dream Go and budget accommodation specialists HostelBookers shows that despite recent negative media attention, women still love to travel alone. Findings from the “Going It Alone” survey show women balance their desire for freedom and adventure with a healthy sense of caution.

More than 1,000 women responded to the June 2013 survey, revealing that:

Female solo travellers are adventurous:

  • 82% of women surveyed said they had travelled alone.
  • “Freedom” (28%), a “sense of adventure” (17%) and “learning about yourself” (15%) were cited by respondents as the top reasons for travelling solo.
  • 54% have travelled solo for a month or longer.

Female solo travellers are concerned about safety, and tend to change their behaviour when travelling solo:

  •  “Safety concerns,” “fear of loneliness” and “pressure from family” were the three top reasons cited for NOT travelling…

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