AKG Mini Headphones

I recently picked up a pair of these bad boys…. love them! They complement my recent purchase of the Google Nexus tablet too… making listening to music or watching a film an amazing experience. I really hate in-ear headphones, so the over-ear was the only option… so many choices, colours and brands to choose from… but the AKG’s are all class!

I researched the market and found that these were the most attractive purchase… it did help that they had just gone on sale and could be snapped up half price from ‘Richer Sounds’. For under £70, nothing else really compared.

The model I chose was the AKGK451 Mini Headphones….. they came with a case for storage / travel, extra jack, cable and collapse style earphones, which also makes it easy to cart in your pocket when you don’t want them around your neck. They are super comfy and padded and this particular model, unlike the model before it, also has a built-in microphone with volume control. Great when I need to take a call on my mobile in a busy or noisy environment. While technically they are not noise cancelling headphones, it has not caused any issues as the clarity is bang on.

Speaking of clarity, I tried a few other competitor models and found that the AKG’s actually had the best sounding bass and provided the most powerful sound overall. Also – they weigh nothing, feel great on and look great on… not overly bulky or tacky, just unassuming perfection!

If you do have long work commutes or tend to travel a lot for work or pleasure like me, then you would definitely appreciate these headphones. Being able to literally ‘tune out’ while on planes or on the road is proving to be bliss!

Checkout some of the reviews and specs here: http://www.richersounds.com/product/headphones/akg/k451/akg-k451

NOTE – these continue to come down in price and you can get them for as little as £50 – a bargain! Get in!


Google Nexus 7 inch 3G Tablet wt Wi-Fi

WOW! My new favourite toy by far…. loving my Google Nexus. I debated for a while what the point in having a tablet was….especially as I already have a smart phone. But, as I researched the craze of tablets and what the best were on the market, I totally found myself with Nexus envy!

I ended up holding out for the release of the 3G version of the 7 inch Wi-Fi…and a big 32GB! It was only a little more expensive and probably of better use in the long run. Since I’m still waiting to connect to 3G, I have been hanging out in coffee shops and bars, downloading all sorts of apps and a plethora of music while catching up on all the goss with friends and new acquaintances!

The music – OMG – the music is the best. definitely recommend the Bit Torrent app mixed with the KAT (Kick ass torrent) site for awesome and fast file sharing…. my music collection has jumped by almost 200 albums in 2 weeks! Great for long train and plane trips and the odd house party! Essential Mixes anyone?! But anyway, seriously, ditch the PC or laptop and grab a tablet! I love the fact it is small enough for a few jacket and jeans pockets, but plenty big enough to work off.

The resolution, pixels and colour is great, the sound good (I plug in high def headphones or speakers instead so my ears dance) and it weighs nothing! For the avid traveller, blogger and lover of beautiful and useful gadgets, this is the ultimate. Nothing in the same range really compares for me….. keep the ipad mini…. the Nexus doesn’t even have to be a ‘mini’ – it just IS! Oh, and keep the Kindle Fire HD….. I like Amazon, just don’t want to be married to it! Android software really is killing it in every way…. I suppose I get the best of both worlds… my smart phone is an iphone 4s….. between the 2 devices, i am set…. so I’m happy!

It really is crazy to think about how the world of travel and the technology we have has changed the way we connect with the with people, ourselves and the world itself. I’m totally happy and embracing the ‘new age’, as it were…


What’s HOT in London theatre right now

Visiting rainy London in the next few months?  

Head indoors and catch a show (not a cold!)


CABARET – A very limited run (15 weeks) at the Savoy to shake off the winter blues. Starring none other than Will Young, this latest adaptation is fun, sexy and camp…. guaranteed to titillate with innuendo and gratuitous nudity…. what else would you expect – Life is a cabaret old chum!


WAR HORSE – Even the Queen has seen his! Steven Spielberg recently made it into a film…don’t let that stop you from seeing this truly spectacular masterpiece of puppetry and storytelling…. a fine achievement and must see – book ahead!


SINGING IN THE RAIN – A dominant theatre position in the West End, if you are a tourist you will find this with ease! A classy production with old school romance and charm – perfect family fun and a great intro to London musical theatre


WICKED – the runaway smash hit continues to pull in the crowds. Clever, witty and well staged account of life before Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz.  A multi award winning production and firm crowd favourite with an infectious spirit!


TWELFTH NIGHT or RICHARD III – what better city to see Shakespeare in than London?! For proper culture vultures, these two productions in particular feature the amazing Mark Rylance. The Apollo Theatre is hosting these two Shakespeare’s Globe productions – beg, borrow or steal tickets if you must, you’re in for a treat

5 things to do in Zadar

Plitvice Lakes National Park Croatia 5 things to do in Zadar e1306849489872 5 things to do in Zadar

Zadar, Croatia isn’t a particularly large city; A few nights of easy enchantment along the waterfront Riva, glowing sunsets which light up the polished white flagstone and you get in to the swing of things pretty quickly. But what makes Zadar special is the fact it is a springboard, a base for exploring the national parks, the archipelago and the hip summer festivals in the vicinity.

Guest blogger Ryan Bennett shares 5 things to do in Zadar…

1. Zadar Old Town

Old Town Zadar Croatia 5 things to do in Zadar e1306850647943 5 things to do in Zadar

This is the nicest part of Zadar. Great food and nice bars, which are starting to become trendier as the nightlife improves. There are also some good sights to get snap happy over. A tourist info spot in town provides maps to help mark your way around the old sites/churches. However, it is the newer sites that will most likely catch your eye… and ears!

The old town, although connected to the mainland, is also accessible by the Trogirski bridge which gives the illusion that this area is an island. Here you will find the now famous Zadar Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation. The organs are built into the steps and rely on the waves and wind to create their music. Relying on the sun, the Salutation is a huge solar panelled dial which creates a light show at night. Interestingly, they are both designed by the same architect and provide a unique addition to Zadar’s seafront boulevard. From here, soak up the sunset. Alfred Hitchcock even referred to Zadar as having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Hostels in Zadar

Our top-rated hostel in Zadar is Hostel Elena. Wonderfully located just 30m from the Riva in the Zadar Old Town. It is also near the university so there are plenty of studenty bars and cafes around. They have air-conditioning in the 4 or 6-bed dorms where you have access to your own personal locker. Find other hostels in Zadar.

2. Zadar Festival Circuit

Time your visit to coincide with one of the many summer festivals held in the seaside village of Petrčane, about 20 minutes from Zadar. It all kicks off with The Garden Festival in July, quickly followed by multi-day festivals Soundwave, Electric Elephant and Stop Making Sense. The festival site is located within the grounds of a hotel. It features a Tiki Bar and beach terrace with views of the sea, Barbarella’s Discotheque (a famous 1960s club), a main stage and plenty of chill-out zones made up of sofas dotted among the surrounding pine forest. Book yourself in to one of the infamous boat parties that whisk you and your mates out for daytime sessions with onboard DJs. Far more relaxed than Ibiza and, being out of the Euro zone, it’s cheaper too!

Petrčane Croatia 5 things to do in Zadar e1306848858144 5 things to do in Zadar

3. Plitvice Lakes

A UNESCO World Natural Heritage listed site, it is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. You can visit the Plitvice Lakes from Zadar from the main bus terminal, or you can organise a day tour. Once there, expect breathtaking scenery all year round. The park is filled with natural lakes of almost Technicolour turquoise, lush meadows, meandering paths and waterfalls. Ferries transport you across the lakes and there are many different tracks to walk. You will need a whole day here. Peak summer day tickets cost €15 and include transport on the bus service and the electric boat ferry.

4. Kornati Island National Park

Kornati Island National Park Croatia 5 things to do in Zadar e1306849114937 5 things to do in Zadar

You survived a festival boat party and now want to unwind beat free! The archipelago around Zadar offers some of the most beautiful sailing stretches and you should not miss the chance to get out on the water. Sit back and chill, get a tan, let the crew rustle you up a lunch and soak up the sights while sailing the stunning Dalmatian coast. “On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath” – testament to the beauty of some of the now uninhabited 147 islands, although the establishment of vineyards, olive groves and grazing land means a few visitors. Truly a sailor’s paradise. Boat tours depart from Zadar marina daily.

5. Krka Waterfalls

If you are tight on time you might have to choose between the Krka Waterfalls and the Plitvice Lakes. Krka has two main upsides: it is closer to Zadar and you can swim in this national park. There is a larger section roped off that you can enjoy, protecting you from the heavy cascading falls. It’s easy to walk around and it is also a breeding ground for over 40 varieties of butterfly – an amazing sight if you come at the right time of year.

Krka Waterfalls Croatia 5 things to do in Zadar e1306849310380 5 things to do in Zadar

There are seven waterfalls; Skradinski buk has an average flow of 55 cubic metres of water a second. Home to 222 species of bird, Krka is also one of the most important ornithological areas in Europe and at the hawk training centre, you can catch demonstrations with the magnificent birds. One of the best ways to get to the park is to drive to Sibenik. Here you catch a boat up through the Saint Joseph channel and arrive about an hour and a half later. Alternatively, get to Skradin where boats run every hour to the national park. Take your swimming costume and some good walking shoes. Summer peak tickets cost about €10.

My 10 favourite travel songs and clips!

Non-stop partying in Morocco – The Clash – Rock the Casbah

Paris pavements at night – Ladyhawke – Paris is burning

Dancing in Egypt  in front of the pyramids – Toto – I felt the rains down in Africa

Rockin out everywhere and anywhere – the Black Keys (live) – Have love will travel

Favourite song ever – Curtis Mayfield (live) – Move on Up

Feel good road trip classic – Dionne Warwick (live) – Do you know your way to San Jose

Drunk on the pavements of New York – Frank Sinatra (live) – New York New York

Walkabout in OZ – Men at Work – I come from a land Down Under

Headbanging on the highway – Steppenwolf (live) – Born to be wild

Trashing it up in clubs – Iggy Pop – Lust for life