Amstel House Hostel Berlin – photos

Roughly 400 beds, super clean, fun and central hostel

Roughly 400 beds, super clean, fun and central hostel

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On the 15th of June 2013 the Amstel House Hostel Berlin celebrated 100 years of its Art Nouveau Building. A beautiful hostel with lots of history, in the perfect part of town. Thinking about a stay in Berlin? Then Amstel House will welcome you with friendly, opened arms 🙂


Arpacay Backpackers Hostel Prague – photos

Amazing location, boutique hostel under Prage Castle in Mala Strana

Amazing location, boutique hostel under Prage Castle in Mala Strana

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Hostels with the Best Atmosphere!

What makes a property have great atmosphere? It can be a range of things – from fun at the property through events, music, lighting, overall ambience…. the mood, the vibe…. atmosphere is however you interpret it to be. Ultimately, atmosphere should aim to be a combination of all things that are aesthetically pleasing, that awaken the senses and make you happy! To a traveller, it can feel like you have hit the jackpot… an oasis of calm in a city of craziness – or perhaps a whirlwind of craziness and happiness when seeking thrills and adventure.

As Product Manager for HostelBookers, I am pleased to announce the hostels with the ‘Best Atmosphere’ for 2013 – as  brought to you by HostelBookers ‘Awards for Excellence’. All awards are based primarily on customer reviews. While I have the joy of selecting the winners, it is you – the customer, who has spoken!

Winners from around the world include the following:

Western Europe


Eastern Europe






North America


South & Central America


Africa & the Middle East


Congratulations to all properties and their owners and staff – and happy travelling to the reader!

For a full list of HostelBookers ‘Awards for Excellence’ 2013 winners – view here

Most European destinations mentioned are cheaply reached by budget airlines

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