U Hostels Madrid – photos

One of the newest hostels in Madrid - and by far, the best! Club, modern interiors, funky staff... you won't want to leave..

One of the newest hostels in Madrid – and by far, the best! Club, modern interiors, funky staff… you won’t want to leave..

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BASE Backpackers St.Kilda – photos

Great brand, very cool in a premier beach location

Great brand, very cool in a premier beach location

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Hostels with the Best Atmosphere!

What makes a property have great atmosphere? It can be a range of things – from fun at the property through events, music, lighting, overall ambience…. the mood, the vibe…. atmosphere is however you interpret it to be. Ultimately, atmosphere should aim to be a combination of all things that are aesthetically pleasing, that awaken the senses and make you happy! To a traveller, it can feel like you have hit the jackpot… an oasis of calm in a city of craziness – or perhaps a whirlwind of craziness and happiness when seeking thrills and adventure.

As Product Manager for HostelBookers, I am pleased to announce the hostels with the ‘Best Atmosphere’ for 2013 – as  brought to you by HostelBookers ‘Awards for Excellence’. All awards are based primarily on customer reviews. While I have the joy of selecting the winners, it is you – the customer, who has spoken!

Winners from around the world include the following:

Western Europe


Eastern Europe






North America


South & Central America


Africa & the Middle East


Congratulations to all properties and their owners and staff – and happy travelling to the reader!

For a full list of HostelBookers ‘Awards for Excellence’ 2013 winners – view here


Most European destinations mentioned are cheaply reached by budget airlines

I prefer to use Ryanair or Easyjet

25 Cool Hostel chains worth staying in

…… in no particular order

1. Generator – founded in London, soon to open its tenth EU hostel – a juggernaut! Check them out

2. St.Christopher’s – teamed up with the ‘Beds & Bars’ group, funky, chilled, food and drink, good EU locations

3. Oasis – Lisbon, Malaga, Seville, Granada…. all very cool

4. Base – Australian & Kiwi hospitality at its best

5. Sant Jordi – an incredible 6 locations in Barcelona

6. Equity Point – great quality properties in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and USA

7. Flying Pig – Amsterdam, Uptown & Downtown… and by the beach in Noordwijk

8. Home – two central in Valencia, one in Barcelona… chilled

9. Dizzy Daisy – cool, four Polish locations and one Prague

10. Nest – funky Spanish, a favourite for travellers in Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian

11. Hatters – UK: Liverpool, Birmingham & Manchester

12. Smart – UK: multiple, central London locations

13. Journey’s – UK – three London, one Brighton… extending to Asia

14. Bohemian – cool hostels in Prague, well known group – look them up!

15. A&O – founded in 2000, largely German…. expanding through EU – considered the biggest chain

16. Meininger – well known German, plus London, Vienna, Brussels… set for big expansion

17.USA hostels –  California anyone?! Backpacker hostels in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego

18. Wombats – Austrian & German, recent opening in Budapest… next stop, Milan?!

19. PLUS – great hostels, plus camping…. Italy, Czech, German….. Berlin is amazing

20. Baxpax – funky German styling, three Berlin locations

21.Hip Hop Hostels – about a dozen in Paris – a collective

22. Palmers – posh UK, London times two…. and an opening in Zagreb, Croatia

23. Nomads – a brand affiliated with properties all over…. bigger in OZ & NZ… looking for world domination!

24. YHA – a brand affiliated with properties all over… big in UK, Scotland but some key Australia properties are best!

25. HI – a brand affiliated with properties all over… big in USA and Canada

There are so many great hostel chains and independent hostels out there… I have been so lucky to have visited a lot! Are there any not on this list that you think should be included?

Happy travels ))

Most European destinations mentioned are cheaply reached by budget airlines

I prefer to use Ryanair or Easyjet